Dental chair unit
Dental unit
Dental unit
Litemedics Dental Laser Prime
  • New advanced 980nm diode laser that will let you free to work as you prefer. With open parameters and extra protocols available, the LITEMEDICS PRIME meets your needs perfectly. Additional accessories complete the offer making this unit the most equipped of the line.
  • Soft Laser Tissue
Litemedics Dental Laser Pure
  • Diode laser for the dentists who want to approach laser dentistry with peace of mind. Equipped with preset programs and given golden standard protocols, every procedure will be safely performed.
  • Soft Laser Tissue

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  1. Fast and precise cutting
  2. Double impulse
  3. Complete set of tools
  4. Built- in video guide
  5. From dentistry to dermatology
  6. Intuitive experience
  7. Optic fibre
  8. Wireless footswitch
  9. Wi-Fi direct
  10. 100% Made in Italy


Made in Austria